The Best Reward

I got a phone call from a client last week.  She was a little worried to say the least.  The team was a member of staff down there were projects that needed working on and just keeping up with the phone calls and emails was making her feel like she was drowning.  She needed someone who understood the business to help her see the wood for the trees, put an action plan together and take some of the marketing work off her, short term.  I went in to see her and the best reward was when she emailed the following day to say she’d had a good nights’ sleep!

As a consultancy business we are often called upon at busy times or at times of crisis.  Yes, our marketing skills are important but so too is our experience and ability to look at a situation with helicopter vision i.e. from above the muck and bullets! Often we are working in high stress situations but the reason I love my job so much is because I am able to genuinely help people when they are really up against it.

Karen Nicholls, Director, Roar Marketing Limited