It’s Never Too Early For Marketing Planning

Perhaps the title of this blog should be For Goodness Sake Please Plan Your Marketing Activities!  As I write this blog it is approaching Christmas and New Year and as ever businesses in and around Tamworth have been taken by surprise by this.  Here at Roar Marketing we are more than happy to whizz into action and help provide last minute marketing ideas, graphic design and print for seasonal campaigns.  But…. it would have been a lot less stressful for our customers if they had planned in advance, and it may have saved them money as they wouldn’t have had to pay for fast-track delivery services and settled for promotional gifts that were available immediately from UK stock.

We are huge proponents of planning.  Planning gives you time to think most creatively not only in terms of creative ideas but creative ways to save money, time and effort and to really think about the best ways to engage with your target customers that will get the best return on investment.  The best marketing happens when various marketing elements come together and guess what – this takes planning.  It is no coincidence that as the hotly awaited Star Wars The Force Awakens hit our cinema screens so did the merchandise hit the shelves, the advertising of the film and the merchandise hit our TV screens, social media was buzzing with Star Wars celebrities and nostalgia.

To steal a phrase from Darth Vader “You underestimate the power of the dark side” or in my case marketing planning, which is just as powerful as the force in my opinion!

To discuss any aspect of marketing services in Tamworth or in fact anywhere not too far far away or for general Star Wars or Star Trek banter Roar Marketing looks forward to speaking to you.

Author: Karen Nicholls, Director, Roar Marketing Limited – Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing