Holistic marketing services for a national business with dealerships across the UK

For this client we provide a wide range of marketing services including PR, we write all their copy for inclusion in magazines, sometimes this is a press release, but equally it could providing information for articles because we have positioned this client as an expert in their industry and editors approach us for comments.  We also provide ideas, copy and graphic design for their advertising campaigns. The single biggest project we deliver for them is their annual conference.  We have been doing this for over five years.  The last two conferences have also involved an exhibition with 40 exhibitors, a full conference programme including workshops and an evening event.  We are experts in all aspects of marketing services and excel at planning, organising and running events.  This conference is part of the holistic marketing services we provide. The conference we run for this client is very professional.  We have a full stage-set built, we have professional sound and lighting technicians, we have the best speakers and TV artists appear as part of our evening entertainment.  We provide everything from the venue to the PowerPoint slides.  Our aim is for the client to arrive at the event and present their slides and interact with their delegates.  Everything else is handled by Roar Marketing.