Marketing Mentor

18-01-25-bAdvantia was our founder director’s employer just prior to her setting up Roar Marketing in 2006. But they never quite let her leave! Owing to her industry and product knowledge, and marketing skills in general, Karen Nicholls was brought back many times to help on specific projects.

Since 2016 Karen has worked closely with Beck Miller (left) as a mentor and to help her plan and implement Advantia’s marketing programme in line with the company’s overall strategy. This involves regular meetings where Advantia’s marketing activity is reviewed, and the plan updated and amended in order for the dealer group to move quickly as market conditions change and new opportunities arise.

When Karen first started working on a one-to-one basis with Beck in 2014 she was an extremely talented Operations Manager. The Chairman suggested she work with Karen to help her develop and learn the skills and techniques required to advance her career. Beck has been promoted twice since she started working with Karen and is now Advantia’s Marketing & Operations Director with a Board position.

In recent months Karen has worked with Beck and Advantia’s new Chief Executive on Advantia’s strategy, which has involved participating in meetings with Advantia’s members around the UK and assisting in Advantia’s recent re-brand. Beck and Karen continue to work closely together.