Chartered Marketer Status For Another Year

business strategy planning Tamworth

In order to maintain the coveted title of Chartered Marketer, Roar Marketing Director, Karen Nicholls has to work hard to remain a member of this senior community of marketers.  Every year Karen has to demonstrate that she is keeping up to date with new marketing techniques and show her commitment to maintaining the very highest standards in marketing by submitting evidence to the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

During the past year Karen has become particularly interested in the development and application of AI in marketing and systems and apps that can allow businesses to do more with data to drive sales and operational efficiencies.  Karen’s marketing passion is business strategy and marketing planning, which she believes is at the core of business success and good marketing.

“If there is one book you read this year,” says Karen “it has to be Traction by Gino Wickman.  I am not going to bother to write a book on business strategy any more, because Wickman has already written the book I would write.  I agree with so much he says which has so obviously come from a great deal of experience of working with businesses large and small.”