What Will Your Marketing In Tamworth Look Like In 2019?

Marketing TamworthWe specialise in working with businesses in Tamworth on their Marketing.  There is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment especially in respect of Brexit, but you can’t afford to sit and wait.  Your clients will be looking for you to tell them what you are doing in light of Brexit and how this will affect them.  You may not consider this to be marketing for Tamworth businesses, but this is at the crux of your marketing strategy, which is very closely aligned to your business strategy, and communication with your customers is vital at this time.

If you are not telling your customers how Brexit will affect them when it comes to dealing with you, your competitors may well be ahead of you.  We all know how busy we are, and the supplier we deal with that makes working with them easy will get the ear of the customer, and probably the business.

You may be a local Tamworth business and your marketing and business strategy may not be changing because of Brexit.  But it is still important to tell your customers if this is the case.  The last thing any business wants is a nasty surprise, and yes we all know things are still up in the air as to what will actually happen on the 29th March, but this cannot stop us from not making plans and being as prepared as we can be – and keeping our customers informed.

In the first week of January we were contacted by three separate companies about marketing all based in Tamworth.  They were new potential clients and from a very diverse range of sectors.  This is not unusual, businesses often pause over Christmas and their directors and proprietors have a chance to catch up on projects that may have gotten delayed or they have time to look ahead and make plans for the coming year.

At Roar we firmly believe in making marketing plans before you spend any money on promotional activities, and we are keen to point out to our clients doing marketing in Tamworth that advertising is only a small aspect of the much wider subject that is marketing.

For honest advice on any aspect of strategic or tactical marketing we urge you to talk to us before you start implementing you marketing activity.  A targeted, drip drip approach is much better than a big bang that might not achieve the results you are looking for with your marketing in Tamworth.