Instant Results Through Marketing Course

Marketing Training Tamworth

We are a highly regarded, award-winning marketing agency in Tamworth, but we don’t keep our knowledge all to ourselves.  We have a range of marketing and sales related courses that we provide to corporate businesses, SMEs and on behalf of public sector organisations.

We delivered our one-day Instant Results Through Marketing Course for members of Aston Wood Business Club on 7th April.  Our fee for all our courses and workshops is a fixed fee, so the more people who attend, the lower the per person cost, up to a maximum of 10 people.  So this was ideal for the club members.

The venue was the impressive Aston Wood Golf Club, where we were looked after extremely well.

“Really enjoyed today and its focused me on a few things I’d been missing and given me a much needed refresher.” said Annerley Johnson of Annerley Johnson Photography & Graphic Design.

The course is perfect for small and medium sized businesses who want to understand more about marketing, and how to do marketing.  After all, this is a profession but not everyone can afford or justify employing their own marketing manager.  Often for SME businesses the marketing function is carried out by the owner of the business or one of the directors.  And, very often this person has little or no formal marketing training.

The course content provides a comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing in a business, and how to undertake marketing in practical and low-cost ways. In reality most businesses are already doing marketing of some kind, although they may not call it this.  They may be wasting money or not getting the most from their marketing budget.  This course aims to address this and for every delegate to leave with their own marketing action plan.  Some items they will be able to put into effect straight-away.

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