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Earlier this month we delivered our Instant Results Through Marketing training course to a group of SME businesses.  You will find more about this on our news page. However, this has prompted me to write this blog, as you might not expect a marketing agency in Tamworth to offer marketing training.  Surely, if lots of businesses have an insight into what we do won’t this mean a loss of potential earnings for us?

We take a totally different view.  When Roar Marketing was founded way back in 2006, part of the vision for the business was to help as many people as we could, to be better at marketing.  But, we can’t directly work with every business we come into contact with.  Sometimes we just haven’t got the capacity and sometimes businesses feel they don’t need to employ a marketing agency in Tamworth, but need some help and direction either to get started with their marketing or give their marketing a new lease of life, get some back-to-basics training, or get an update on current marketing practice.  Or they simply need an injection of new ideas!

My name is Karen Nicholls, and I am the founder Director of Roar Marketing and I believe that to be a full service marketing agency in Tamworth, training on marketing for our clients and other businesses, has to be part of what we offer.

Many of the businesses we have worked with have an in-house marketing team or marketing person.  Very often once we have helped a business set their marketing strategy and plan for the next 12 months, and we have created the initial marketing tools, then if followed with some training they can implement some, if not all the marketing activity with just back-up from us.  This means they get the maximum out of their marketing budget and if we can help someone enjoy their marketing job more, and even inspire them to take the CIM qualifications, then we feel we have totally done our job.

For other clients they prefer to employ us as their marketing agency in Tamworth and we literally handle every aspect of their marketing.  The clients we really add value to are medium sized firms who have regular marketing campaigns and marketing activity for us to create and co-ordinate.  We take on the role of their marketing manager or director and feel like one of the team.  The team member who has one eye on the customer experience, and the other eye on recommending commercially viable marketing activity to achieve the goals of the business. To this end we highly recommend creating an annual marketing plan so they can get the benefit of block booking advertising, or saving on printing costs and so on.

For no-nonsense advice and support from a local marketing agency in Tamworth, please get in touch.  Our first meeting is at our cost and with no obligation.