Marketing Services Promoted On Radio Tamworth

Marketing Services Tamworth

Yesterday, our very own Karen Nicholls, was interviewed live on Radio Tamworth for two hours on The Business Show. Radio is often overlooked as a medium for small and medium sized businesses to promote their products and services, such as Marketing Services in Tamworth.

One of Roar Marketing’s clients was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Derby, and with Roar being interviewed in Tamworth, it is not just about paid for advertising.

Local radio stations, need local content, so if you make it known that you are an expert in your field, like Karen is an expert marketer with qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has over 25 years working in marketing in industry, then you stand a chance of being asked to contribute.

In the world of marketing services we call this PR. Most businesses are doing some form of marketing, PR being a prime example, they just don’t call it marketing or PR.

During the interview Karen was asked “What is the best piece of business advice you have had?” Her reply was one of the first things she learned as a trainee marketer, and that is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You might know everything imaginable about your product or service, but you won’t know what aspect is most important to your customers until you walk in their shoes. To successfully engage with your customers you have to almost forget what you know about your product or service, and approach all communication from the perspective of a customer, who probably doesn’t know anything about your business or what you do.

When we are working with businesses to provide marketing services in Tamworth we often find that they think one piece of marketing will take their customers to an instant sale. As the Radio interview went on, Karen explained about the AIDA marketing model, which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. She said, “It is unlikely that with one piece of marketing you are going to take a prospective customer from awareness through to action, i.e. buying.”

Karen went on to say that a planned approach to marketing can save money, such as on advertising costs and print, and that at Roar Marketing we prefer that businesses don’t spend a penny on marketing until they know why they are doing it, and what kind of return they are expecting. Planned marketing services in Tamworth is what Roar Marketing offers.