Lioness Achee Has Passed Away

Born Free Sponsor Marketing Tamworth

We’ve recently received a letter from Born Free Foundation to let us know that Achee, one of our adopted lions has passed away.  She was 20 years old and died after a short illness.  Born Free rescued her from a cage in a car park, and she had a long and happy life at the Shamwari reserve.  Recently she had shared an enclosure with Sinbad, our adopted lion.  We are assured by Born Free that Sinbad is healthy and content.  We are so sorry to hear this news.  We always look forward to updates about Achee and Sinbad.

We were pleased that Born Free advised of Achee’s passing in a letter, rather than an email.  Well done Born Free, and we are of course continuing our adoption of Sinbad.  To read more about Sinbad and Achee please follow this link to our Born Free page.