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When one of our existing clients and our web partners both recommended us, we were delighted and rose to the challenge!

Dental Boutique had done what a lot of businesses do.  They had approached a web design agency, (in this case InLife Design who happen to be our web partners and one of the best in the business), but they had not fully appreciated that they would have to provide the direction on the design, navigation and all the content. That’s all the words and images.  This is why you need the skills of a marketing agency in Tamworth and an expert marketer with lots of digital experience.

The website had languished semi-completed for several months. The owner of this thriving dental practice just hadn’t had time, nor really had the skills to create the high quality, top-class website he had envisioned. By the way, we couldn’t do dental implants – so this is a classic example of one of our seven deadly sins of marketing.  “Don’t waste time trying to do what you are not good at.”

The website was just one aspect of a transformation of the dental practice.  They had already created a new brand identity and needed Roar Marketing to demonstrate all their passion and vision in their new website.  They also wanted to ensure that anyone searching for their services in the Bicester and Oxford area would find them on a Google search.  That’s why InLife recommended us as we are a marketing agency in Tamworth who understands marketing, but also understands how to write website content for people to read and for search engines to rank.

Our Director, Karen Nicholls met with the client, reviewed what had been done so far, and got an understanding of Dental Boutique and their target customers.  She and the client mapped out the navigation headings for the site which would dictate the pages and the content of the pages.  Karen then put an action plan in place to launch the site within the next few weeks.  This included precisely what information was required from the client and linking this with what Roar Marketing and InLife needed to do.

This is what the Practice Manager at Dental Boutique said about our marketing agency here in Tamworth.

“Karen’s expertise provided us with a flawless streamlined service in setting up our brand-new website. She was able to break down the information we were required to give her in an easy format that did not complicate or add stress to our already hectic workload for our rebrand. Karen is extremely professional, positive and a delight to work with but most importantly her vision for perfection reflects in our new website. I thoroughly recommend her services.” – Melissa Hitchcock, Practice Manager

We are delighted with the Dental Boutique website.  It is one of the best we have worked on.  Melissa and Verj at Dental Boutique are fabulous to work with, and so are InLife Design.  Special acknowledgement to Laura at InLife for her hard work, which was much appreciated.

We are the leading marketing agency in Tamworth, and we don’t let our clients spend a penny on marketing until they understand what they want to achieve and their expected return on investment.  Please contact us to discuss your marketing requirements.