Why Our Marketing Qualifications Matter

Marketing Agency Tamworth Certificate

We believe that Roar Marketing is the most highly qualified marketing agency in Tamworth. But, is it worth all the effort?

Having been in business for almost 13 years, (our anniversary is on 2nd October) time and again we have been told that our qualifications have given our clients peace of mind, and we are sure they have opened many doors for us.

It is great to have loads of hands-on experience, but to be a truly professional marketing agency in Tamworth we decided a long time ago that we needed more than just experience. Our founding Director Karen Nicholls embarked upon her marketing career in 1992! Soon after this she enrolled at Tamworth College to study for the marketing industry exams which are the go-to exams for marketing, worth more than a university marketing degree.

Having a full-time marketing job Karen also went to night-school twice a week, for three and a half years and did around 20 hours extra study and course work every week. She jokes that during this time she never mowed the lawn and never ironed a thing as her husband took on these duties to help her. Running her own business as a marketing agency in Tamworth and her being the principal marketing consultant, these long hours of study paved the way for the long hours of work during her career.