Website Content Boosts Your SEO

Marketing Agency Tamworth

We’ve got fantastic results for our clients with no technical SEO.  The words on your website really do matter and get you up the rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation is vital because without this you will never be found when a potential customer searches for what you sell or do.  Ensuring that your website is well-built in the first place is essential and we work with InLIFE Design who do an amazing job for our clients building their websites.  But the content is extremely important too.  And, writing for SEO is a skill we have here at the premier marketing agency in Tamworth.

1997 was when our Director, Karen Nicholls first got involved in marketing for the web.  So, you could say there is probably no-one in marketing in Tamworth who has as much experience of website marketing.

When writing for SEO there are certain rules you must adhere to, so your content gets ranked in searches.  You also have to make sure your content makes sense and gets your message across to humans, as well as search engine bots. What humans and bots both like is relevant content, that is accurate and regularly updated. 

We got hold of some information recently listing what kind of things the search engines look for.  Top of the list was proof keywords, followed by relevant keywords, these are the words that your customers and potential customers would put into a search to find the product or service that you sell.  Next came the number of internal links and joint 4th was Word Count.  So, anyone who tells you that you don’t need many words is wrong.  Search engines don’t see images.  What they see and therefore index is words.  So, the fewer words you’ve got the fewer opportunities you’ve got for the bots to rank you.

Although Google is by far the biggest search engine, Bing is the second most popular and likes words even more than Google!  Our advice is to map out what content is relevant to your customers and potential customers.  Then decide what website pages you need.  Then get your website built and make sure it is full of relevant, useful information and keywords before you launch the site – and then you update it often!

We sincerely hope you come to our marketing agency in Tamworth.  There is far more you need to know about websites than we can’t fit into a blog. Our knowledge and experience are what sets us apart and a chat with us could save you a great deal of time and money.