Pride Of Roar Marketing

Marketing Agency Tamworth

I first achieved the status of Chartered Marketer in 2002. That was the year that saw Daniel Radcliffe play Harry Potter for the second time in the Chamber of Secrets (my how young he looked)! It was the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, she’s had two more since then! So, to save you working out the maths it’s been 18 years since I became Chartered and joined the group of most qualified Marketers in the UK.

Back in 2002, 569 million people worldwide were connected to the internet. In 2019 it was 4.39 billion (source: We Are Social). So a lot has changed!

For me that’s why maintaining my Chartered Marketer status is so important. The skill set I needed in 2002 was quite different to the skills I use today. The fundamentals of marketing, which are deeply aligned with understanding the customer and human psychology, will always remain the same. But learning new skills, and gaining insights into how to apply these skills in the real world is where the Chartered Institute of Marketing is coming from when they insist that to keep the Chartered Status I have to work for it.  We all need a bit of motivation now and then – so thanks CIM I couldn’t have done it without you.

My next CIM webinar is already booked and I’m looking forward to learning about new research into what the brain reveals about marketing messages.

Best wishes