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born-freeRoar Marketing is proud to be an official corporate partner of the Born Free Foundation and whilst delivering our marketing consultancy services in Tamworth, and tailor-made marketing services for SME businesses, we never miss an opportunity to tell you about the amazing work this wonderful charity does.

2019 Was A Sad Year

We had some bad news in May 2019, when Achee, one of the two lions we had sponsored for many years, passed away.  Lioness Achee was rescued by Born Free in 2004, and her later years were as happy as they could be. Then in November 2019 Sinbad, the lion we had sponsored since 2006 passed away.  To lose them both in the same year was devastating.

We had gotten so used to getting regular updates about how they were doing, it was like losing friends.

Why We Support Born Free

As you can imagine at Roar Marketing we have a special soft spot for lions, but the Born Free Foundation works to free many different species from suffering and they currently have projects worldwide helping big cats, elephants, great apes, bears, dolphins and other marine animals.

Born Free is not a big anonymous organisation, but a family of like-minded people who share the same goals. With the support of Roar Marketing and many other organisations and individuals Born Free is taking action on the frontline to protect wild animals and stop suffering.

The Born Free Foundation was born out of actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers’ personal passion for animals following their starring roles in the classic wild life film “Born Free” also staring Elsa the lioness – the initial inspiration for Born Free.

We support Born Free through sponsorship, supporting their initiatives and using their merchandise whenever we can in our promotions.

King Our Current Adopted Lion

King Photgraph (c) BFF, F Fortuna

We have adopted one or more of Born Free’s lions since 2006. First Sinbad, then Sinbad and Achee together and now King. In November 2020 we received news that King has a girlfriend! Lioness Thea is one of the lions rescued in 2019 from the pet trade in France. During the campaign to free her and her siblings they became known as “The Lions of Lyon”. We of course, contributed to the campaign and now we are delighted that King is no longer alone. In August Born Free temporarily subdivided King’s enclosure with a fence and Thea moved in. They were soon nuzzling against either side of the fence. A month later they were properly introduced. She gave him a gentle swipe on the nose, but quickly warmed to him. They are now inseparable. We are so happy for them as lions are a social species and need companionship.

King was also rescued from the pet trade when he was just a small cub.  He was being kept as an exotic pet in an apartment in Paris!  This young lion was locked up in a small, dirty cage.  Now thanks to Born Free he lives at their big cat sanctuary in Shamwari, the same place Sinbad and Achee lived.

Our adoption money helps to fund his lifetime care.  This includes food, veterinary care and the upkeep of his enclosure.

Sinbad By Kay Middleton, Rosabelle Studio

Kay is a signature member of Artists for Conservation.  She uses her art to help wildlife and in particular those who have, or need to be rescued. Kay received permission from photographer George Logan to use one of his official images to create a portrait of Sinbad.  As he was known as “the Little Lion” she decided to make this the largest artwork she has done so far, at 50 x 70cm!

If you are interested in buying this amazing drawing please follow this link

Marketing Tamworth
Sinbad Drawing by Kay Middleton


Marketing Tamworth
Sinbad Reference Photo, by George Logan, Born Free Foundation

Sinbad & Achee’s Stories

Sinbad. Photo courtesy of Vuyo Busakwe

Sinbad was our first adopted lion, he was known as the Little Lion, as owing to a poor diet when he was a cub he didn’t achieve the usual size of a male lion. For many years he lived at Born Free’s Big Cat Sanctuary at Shamwari Wildlife Reserve in Southern Africa in a ‘bush’ enclosure, that was bigger than a football pitch.

Since his rescue in 2007 Sinbad had been alone but in June 2015 lonely Sinbad was introduced to Achee. She had been rescued from a snowy Romania in 2004 and shared an enclosure next door to Sinbad with her friend another lioness that had been rescued from a pit in Liberia. After ten years Achee’s friend died and because she and Sinbad had been friends and often lay close the barrier between their two enclosures, they were officially introduced to one another. Sadly Achee passed away in May 2019 and Sinbad in November 2019.

Sinbad was born in 2001 and in his early years he endured being a photographer’s prop, a feature in a restaurant and eventually ended up in a cramped cage in Bacau Zoo in eastern Romania. The authorities wanted a better life for Sinbad, but simply didn’t have the resources.

Sinbad was rescued in August 2007. He would never have survived in the wild but he got a little piece of Africa for his very own where he basked in the sunshine or snoozed in the shade.

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Look out for updates on Roar Marketing’s social media and news page on how King is doing.