David Carroll, Advantia Business Solutions Limited

I have worked with Karen for a number of years.  Karen possesses a very unusual blend of skills and attributes.  Firstly, she doesn’t believe in marketing for marketing’s sake.  She will always look to measure the results and make sure they are beneficial for the company concerned.  Secondly, she is not frightened to tell you the truth about pet ideas or schemes.  If she doesn’t think something will work, she will tell you and explain why it won’t work.  However, once an idea is agreed, Karen has the ability to bring it to life and make it happen.  She will find creative and pragmatic solutions to problems, will take team members with her and has a track record of hitting deadlines.

When you combine these attributes with the ability to think strategically, to put marketing in the context of the complete business environment, then you have a rare combination of talents that will add value to any company or project.